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1st Call for Artists from Cerrado Galeria


Permanent call for all forms of Visual Arts to the CERRADO GALERIA website for a virtual exhibition. The project seeks to give visibility to talents from all over Brazil in the most different areas of Visual Arts. To this end, we invite the pluralities of Brazilian artists to compose our virtual catalog, after curating each work presented.


The works will be evaluated by the curatorial committee, being possible the selection of 1, 2 or 3 works or the rejection of them. In all cases, a feedback to the artist of approximately 200 words will be provided. If the works are approved, they will be posted with a brief critical comment. In the event of non-approval, a justification of the reason for non-approval will be forwarded, leaving an open path for future approvals. Each artist or collective may apply in up to three categories. The works of the selected ones will be exhibited from the inscription and curatorship, immediately and continuously. O  work  chosen by the curatorship will be sold on the website's online store  https//, observing the gallery rules.

The amount of R$ 125.00 (one hundred and twenty-five reais) will only be paid in case of approval of 1, 2 or 3 works. In case of rejection of the works, there will be no charge.  

This call is open to all Brazilian artists aged 18 or over.


REGISTER on our website https//, the selected ones will exhibit their work in the online store.  

REGISTRATION: from October 4, 2021  

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